Foundations of Productivity Series Introduction

Welcome to Foundations of Productivity!

This is a series covering the base habits and concepts that are critical to increasing willpower, daily performance, and general productivity.

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As the name suggests, this series is foundational–providing a solid base for implementing higher-level improvements that will be covered in other upcoming series.

Most of the topics covered are often included in common health recommendations that we’re all familiar with, but keeping them on track is still a challenge for many of us. Most of us know, for example, that we need to get proper sleep in order to perform well, and yet we still struggle to get the proper amount. Looking at these from the perspective of increased productivity can Continue reading “Foundations of Productivity Series Introduction”

The Backbone of Productivity

Our blog will cover invaluable research, useful tools, and personal experiences that will give you insight into adding productive time to your day and, ultimately, years of productive time to your life. Before we get too deep, we have to start with the most valuable piece of advice that we will ever offer you, the one bit of productivity knowledge which renders all other advice irrelevant if it is missing.

You have to start. Period.

The most powerful thing that we do for our clients is help them to kill procrastination and build willpower so that it’s easier to get started on their projects. In tandem, we help to increase their focus so that they can keep that momentum and don’t have to start again. Starting is more complicated than it sounds, because we’re human beings who are often ruled by short-term impulses and habits.

Upcoming posts will be digging deep to cover all facets of making it easier to start. To get you started on…starting, here are some basic but all-important points.
  • Procrastination is a symptom of low willpower.
  • Willpower is a muscle (as I’m sure you’ve heard before).
    • It is a finite resource and our willingness to do difficult or unpleasant tasks decreases when we’re tired, hungry, or otherwise depleted of energy.
    • It can be increased and honed into a weapon of productivity.
  • Tasks that are unpleasant or that you have no real desire to do require more willpower, so you may need to remind yourself of your motivation for doing them.
  • For now, here are five points to remember, if you’re lacking willpower and need a boost:
    • Do the hardest high-priority tasks when you’re well rested.
    • Do easy tasks, such as those which are quick and repetitive when you’re tired and less focused but still want to keep at it. It’s also great to batch these things together to minimize task-switching (which is basically starting again, and starting is hard).
    • Take a nap and get plenty of rest at night.
    • Don’t go hungry, your brain needs fuel!
    • Recruit a friend to keep you accountable, or mix business and pleasure to make the less-comfortable tasks on your list more comfortable.
We’re keeping this short so that you can get started. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to ETM Consulting, what to expect from the Extra Time Machine blog, and what makes us different from a billion other self-management and productivity sites out there.

Party on!