ETM Consulting is a multi-disciplinary consultancy specializing in helping individuals and small-businesses to manage their resources more effectively.

Our Mission is Simple:

To provide a higher quality of life to others by increasing their available resources.

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Our Vision is Human:

By educating others in the principles and implementation of simple continuous improvement methods, we will create a viral movement of positive change which will echo throughout our global community.

Our clients gain a lot of improvement in single consulting session, or from the actionable knowledge that they take away from one blog post, but the true value is in the combination of those changes coming together to create a better world for everybody. Ultimately we will create a movement of individuals who better utilize their resources, pass those skills on to others, and leverage the excess resources to improve their quality of life and the lives of others. This may come in the form of more time to volunteer, more money to put into their personal projects and the causes they believe in, more time to learn and improve themselves, or more quality time to put into helping their friends and families.

We believe that people from all walks of life deserve to have more time, energy, and financial leverage to experience more of the world, to connect with others, and to appreciate the Human experience.

blog_relaxandreadNot everybody can afford our consulting services or paid content, but those who are low income or unable to work often have the most to gain from our services. This is a huge part of the motivation behind our blog and other free content (more coming soon!). In addition to our free online content, we also spend one-on-one time with at-risk populations to help elevate them to a better place.

The three keystone resources that we focus on are Time, Willpower, and Knowledge.

All of these resources are finite, but unlike Time, Willpower and Knowledge can be preserved, replenished, and increased.

kendall-lane-39895Time cannot be replaced or purchased directly. Our services are customized to meet the needs of each client; we may focus on setting and reaching their goals, refreshing and organizing their space, or reducing their routine expenses, but every project that we undertake is intended to add useable time to our clients’ schedules.

Willpower is the human spark in productivity. Increased willpower translates to decreased procrastination, a stronger work ethic, and more efficient thought processes. This increases the value produced by and for the client, and adds additional time to their day.

Knowledge is crucial to human growth and progress. This is obvious to nearly everybody. Identifying which knowledge we need to progress can be challenging, especially in the information age. We help our constituents identify the areas in which they excel, as well as the knowledge gaps that need to be filled to reach their current goals.

All of our services are value-driven.

ETM is adamant that our clients see the value we create in their lives–whether that translates into more time doing the things they love with the people they love, reduced stress from a renewed clarity to meet their professional deadlines or the innumerable health benefits of having more time to relax. If our services don’t improve the quality of your life through increased efficiency, we won’t charge you, it’s that simple.

Our approach draws from many schools of thought in order to provide maximum value.

Disciplines utilized in some or all of our services include:
  • Continuous Improvement
    Our commitment to continuous improvement is two-fold, existing both within the process we use for each individual client and within our own internal practices and systems. Through client followup sessions, we draw further value from the improvements we’ve already made with them, and we dig deep for insights that may not have been evident prior to the previous changes.Businessman drawing Goals concept
  • Project Management
    Best-practices from formal Project Management help clients to plan their schedules out most efficiently and greatly reduces time spent on repeat tasks and projects.
  • Socio-Economic Management
    A focus on human potential and effective management of client resources, is strengthened by a Socie-econonomic approach. We also focus on systematic (versus human) causes of waste and errors, and hidden costs that may not be identified through traditional accounting and financial management.
  • Art and Design
    While we’re not going to paint a Monet on your living room wall, our consultants are all involved in the creation and appreciation of multiple mediums of art. They understand that maximizing the usefulness of a space goes beyond simply putting things in their place. There is a very important aesthetic aspect as well. We are not decorators, but we will assist with finding the visual elements that speak to you in your life and living spaces.Opened wooden kitchen drawer with accessories inside, solution for kitchen storage and organizing, cooking, modern interior design
  • Child Development and Parenting
    All of our consultants have experience working with children and understand the logistics of running a busy home. We keep these uniquely human challenges in mind when working with clients who have families.

Our blog, videos and community:

It is our aim for this project to grow organically, both in content and community. We welcome your contributions and input.

Content Suggestions

WorkaholicIf there are any topics you would like us to explore that are related to the general theme of the blog (productivity, process improvement, volunteering, lifehacks, self-discipline, human performance…), please let us know and we’ll do the research for you. If there is some nagging task that takes way too long, or a regular expense that you’d like to cut down on, we can pick it apart for you!

Guest Contributors

We welcome guest contributors. If you are interested in creating an article, video, infographic, or other content for our blog, please message us at . Please attach a sample that is a minimum of 1,500 words.